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Freq. asked questions

concerning flower ordering and delivering in the Netherlands and Abroad

Can I send anonymously?
Yes. The recipient only receives the text that you put onto the card. Your personal information will never be disclosed neither to the third parties nor to the recipient of the flowers / gift.

How fast can you deliver?
Bouquets and funeral baskets: within 12 hours after placing an order when delivering to the Netherlands! Hugs, wine, and delivering abroad – on the following day.

What happens if the recipient is not at home?
In case the recipient is not at his / her residence place, the flowers are delivered to the neighbours and the recipient gets a note to the mailbox with the address to which the flowers have been delivered. If the delivery man has not managed to deliver the flowers to the neighbours and they could have been lost, then he will attempt to deliver them later.
What time are the flowers delivered?
Residential addresses between 9.00 a.m. and 06.00 p.m. and hospitals between 09.00 am and 05.00 pm, unless there is another agreement with us.

Can I specify the delivery time during off hours?
Orders are always delivered to companies during working hours. If the order is to be delivered in the off hours, you are to specify that while placing an order.  Please, specify the exact delivery time only when it is really crucial.
How can I pay?
See payment info.

What is the CVC2 code on my credit card?
This is the last 3 digits on the back of your credit card. Black figures on the signature.

I want to send several bouquets; do I pay extra delivery charges?
You pay only 1 time per a delivery address irrespective of the number of bouquets. For large quantities of bouquets you can contact the customer service.

Do you also deliver plants or flowers?
Yes, it is possible. Use the "Quick Order" form in the menu of our website.

Will I receive a confirmation of my order?
Yes, once your order has been shipped, you will get an immediate automatic email notification from us. Here you can read the text of an order.

I want to order something different from the samples on photos. Is it possible?
Yes, there are no problems. Almost everything is possible. Bouquets of all colours and with most types of flowers are available. Use the "Quick Order" form in the menu of our website.

Do you deliver to hospitals, hotels and campsites?
Yes, but please send us as much information as possible, such as department, room number, contact name etc. Also a (mobile) telephone number of the recipient can sometimes be useful to deliver flowers to the correct locations.

I would like to order for a funeral, what kind of information do you need?
In case of ordering for a burial or cremation, it is very important to deliver flowers to the right place and just in time. Please, fill out as much information as possible, such as the name of the funeral centre, the name of the deceased, the date and time of departure, etc. This information can be entered in the field ''comments'' of your order. Also note that the text on the tape or card should be addressed to the deceased and not to the relatives. The text "we wish you much vigour" is not appropriate. You can think of "Rest gently” or ''A final salute”, for example, or only the sender's name (your name).
Can I cancel my order?
If your order has not been processed and paid for, it is possible. If you have chosen an online payment, your payment has been already effected. In this case we will transfer money to your account charging you 10% of the order’s amount and the minimum charge is € 5, -.

How does it work with orders to foreign countries?
Orders to be carried out abroad should be placed with our company at least 24 hours before the required delivery time. We begin to count these 24 hours starting from our working hours (not at night or on Sundays), as long as we need to contact our colleagues from the worldwide network of approved florists. As long as abroad the prices for flowers are significantly higher than in the Netherlands, we have a separate section for that under the name "Foreign delivery''. You can place an order only in this category. The photos only show an approximate sample of a bouquet; the actually delivered bouquet, of course, depends on the country and climate. Deliveries are available to most countries. Therefore, it is useful to check in advance, what the minimum price in the country, where you want to send flowers to, is. Please, do not hesitate to contact us.

Is it possible to deliver to foreign hospitals, hotels or campsites?
We do not advise you to deliver to foreign hospitals, hotels or campsites as it is very complicated, and the chances that something goes wrong are too big. If you decide to go on, please, give us as much information as possible, such as medical department, room number, contact person, etc. A phone number of the recipient or hotel also increases the chances of delivering the flowers. This possibility is entirely at the risk of the customer.